New Bond Girl

Hot on the heels of the new Bond villain being announced, the new Bond girl was mentioned this morning.
Twenty-five year old actress, Eva Green will be playing Vesper Lynd in the forthcoming movie. I have to say that I am mildly disapointed on two counts. The first is that Thandie Newton was mentioned among the rumours beforehand and she would have been good, the second is that this the first time the main Bond girl is played by an actress younger than me. A sure sign I am getting old :/.
The other bit of news about the film is that Felix Leiter will be making a return, and that he will be played by Jeffrey Wright. This will be the first time that Leiter has been seen since Licence to Kill, but given that this is meant to be a Bond prequel (not a good idea), I expect we will be seeing no signs of the shark attack that nearly killed him.
Anyways, Casino Royale is only one of two Bond novels I have read (Unless you count The Living Daylights, which is a short story), so I am looking forward to see how they do this!


the dúnadan said…
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the dúnadan said…
Interesting news about Bond but you need to brush up on your Bond History! Felix Leiter was indeed given a good mauling by the shark in Licence To Kill, but it never killed him. 007 met Leiter who was in hospital at the end of the film.

Forget the boring Labour party, watch a few Bond vids!

Paul Burgin said…
Sorry, should have said nearly


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