That's Not Very Nice of You, Paul Weller!

Days before his Brits Lifetime achievement award being presented, Paul Weller has been attacking previous life time achievement award winners! I like his music, but I thought this was somewhat unpleasant and unessesary.

From :

Fresh from his excrement-eating broadside at James Blunt, Paul Weller has launched a vitriolic attack on several massive names from the music world. The former Jam frontman tore into David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Sting, U2 and Bob Geldof in a vicious tirade.
Weller, who is to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at this years Brits, launched a scathing attack on past winners of the award [in an interview with Uncut Magazine].
The 'Modfather' stated: "Bob Geldof. What'd he win it for? Can't be for his music, man. I mean, if it's for his charity work in Africa then you can't knock it, but Boomtown Rats, f*** off."

What about 'I Don't Like Monday's' ?
The 'Town Called Malice' singer did not stop there however, with some harsh words indeed for former 'Police' frontman Sting: "F****** horrible man. Not my cup of tea at all. F****** rubbish. No edge, no attitude, no nothing."
Now I am not a major fan of Sting myself, but I thought that was a) Unfair b) Inaccurate, given songs like 'Every Breath You Take', has some edge and attitude, albeit somewhat unpleasant
Next in the firing line was U2 star Bono: "The whole thing of Bono becoming the Pope - what the f***'s all that about? Pseudo-American rubbish."
I am not entirely sure what he is on about here, although if it is to do with Bono's involvement with campaigns to help end poverty and AIDS, at least he is getting off his backside and trying to do something constructive!
Weller, also had no qualms about speaking ill of the dead, remarking on Queen singer Freddie Mercury: "He said he wanted to bring ballet to the working classes. What a c***.
But Queen's records sold, have sold millions across the Globe so Mercury must have been doing something that struck a chord with the music audiences, which includes a lot of working class people. Incidentally I am under the impression, correct me if I am wrong, that Queen sell more records than Paul Weller!
And last but by no means least, Weller remarked that David Bowie should have never received the Lifetime Achievement Award: "Wrong! I like about three records of his. The rest of it's pish."
Which leaves one thinking which records Weller was thinking about! That duet with Bing Crosby, "Little DrummerBoy/Peace on Earth" maybe! Who knows! That said I wonder why Weller gave such an outburst. Publicity? Genuine malice? That said his comments make him appear to be an angry and bitter middle aged mod. I suppose to be charitable, the last four words he gave when mentioning Bowie might give some indication as to his condition when making these comments.
It's a big enough world out there Paul. Show a bit of tolerance, there's a good chap!


Unknown said…
I'd partly agree with the Sting, Bono, and Geldof comments - musically they amount to very little - but they're easy targets.

Weller might like to look in the mirror - metaphorically, that is - and consider the case against himself:
Paul Burgin said…
True, the comments did smack of desperation!

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