Things I Did Today

Well I am settling well into my new job, and have celebrated my first payment by buying some CD's, which I have not done for a while.
I brought four; Then And Now 1964-2004 by The Who, The Kick Inside by Kate Bush, "Made To Love Magic" by Nick Drake and All Over the World: The Very Best of the Electric Light Orchestra by the E.L.O.
There's enough for a second batch of 'In Musical Praise of..' articles, suffice to say I am having a contented evening listening to them, whilst typing away here :-).

And that's the best self portrait I can do this evening!


Kerron said…
The Who - South Oxhey's finest. :-)
Paul Burgin said…
Which of them are from there!
Goodness, you look different in that from your blog photo. But then, I wear glasses too, sometimes.
Paul Burgin said…
People do when they wear glasses. I am one of those people who takes them off when reading (I'm short sighted), as opposed to people putting them on, and, as you can see my computer behind me, I had just been reading.
Plus I was a bit tired when I took the picture, so hence the bleary look.
Kerron said…
Roger Daltry. There is no substitute.

Nick Moran from Lock Stock, he's from South Oxhey too. :-)
Paul Burgin said…
John Deacon of Queen came from the same area as my parents, does that count!
Paul Burgin said…
Then there's Graham Chapman from Monty Python, who went to school with Mum and Dad
Yeah I'm short-sighted too. But my eyesight is heinous and can't do without glasses even for computer-screen reading.
Paul Burgin said…
Yes, you do look as if you are trying to focus on the camera in your photo.
How long have you had glasses and do you use contacts! I don't for the simple reason that I can easily imagine myself looking under sofas etc.. for them

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