A TV Review

Well wongaBlog has done one and I did feel like doing a TV entry as it were!
Likewise I caught Gideon's Daughter on Sunday evening, which I watched because it was done by Stephen Poliakoff and I am a bit of a fan of his work.
That said, whilst I really enjoyed Gideon's Daughter, I did prefer Friends and Crocodiles and for me, nothing yet beats "Close Relations".
However, I found the centrepiece of the plot concerning the father/daughter relationship, rather compelling. Sneath, the character in "Friends and Crocodiles" came back, and was somewhat more pleasant this time, although he is an annoying snob, and I rather enjoyed the fact that Gideon's world was not as effortless as it seemed to outsiders.
One downside to my TV viewing this week is that I do have a life outside it :-), as a consequence I missed the last episode of Life On Mars (a favourite programme of mine), due to the fact I was at a District Party meeting. The extra irony was if the party meeting hadn't taken place last night, I would have been at a Youth meeting of the Christian Socialist Movement in London.
Ah well. That said, another piece of good news is that I read yesterday that there is a full-blown series of Lewis coming up!


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