Bloggers Social - The Event

(Courtesy of WongaBlog. Left to right, Andrew at B4L, me, Tim))

First of all, my apologies for not taking any photos myself. Having used my digital to download some photos on here yesterday morning, it was only on the train to King's Cross that it was still lying on the study table.
Anyway, at the event were the two Andrews, Tim, and Malcolm. The Coal Hole having two parts to it, (which are not connected inside) we nearly lost Andrew (Bloggers4Labour) and I was concerned we might have lost Skuds, although apparently he was stuck at a Spizzsexual concert!
Last minute cancellations also came from Kerron and Lola, although she will doubtless be pleased to know that yes a) Politics was discussed (unlike the Bloggers4Labour social) and b) As he was the token Conservative blogger, we did bait Tim a few times! Thing is though he is actually a nice and decent guy. Clearly he was kidnapped and brainwashed in his early teens by a gang of WI ladies during the Scouts bob-a-job week, and ended up suffering from Stockholm Syndrome ;)
As you can tell from the photo, the bar area does help live up to the name of the place, and one half expected to see Elijah Wood and Sean Astin dressed as hobbits in a corner somewhere, which would doubtless have been more welcome to Andrew the B4L blogger than seeing Lewis Collins dressed up as a member of the SAS!
Anyway, we had a meal and the conversation veered from subjects as diverse as 1930s appeasment, student politics, the 1992 general election, Ruth Kelly, alleged BBC bias, Chelsea vs Manchester United, Rugby, Who Dares Wins, children's TV programmes imported from Europe, the plot of Heidi, fellow bloggers, the police (1970s Sweeney style), and the Liberal Democrats.
Anyway a good time was had by all, and the time went quickly enough to feel that going home was a bit of a mad dash! In any case I arrived home just before 1AM and it looks like everyone else did as well!


Admin said…
I left the pub in Islington at about 10pm and was considering heading for the Coal Hole, but didn't know how late you would be staying.

I really should have got your mobile number off you beforehand.

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