Crystal Maze/Adventure Game

(BBC Online)
Two old game shows that are occasionally repeated on Challenge TV.
When asked, I always mention that my favourite childrens programmes were Blue Peter, Record Breakers, Newsround, and Doctor Who (Plus when I was very small, Play School).
But I always seem to forget The Adventure Game, where children's TV presenters were trapped on the planet Arg and needed to regain a crystal and return to their ship, so as to get back to Earth. Believe it or not, one of the regulars was future newscaster Moira Stuart.
The show was brilliant for weekday teatime and was as gently English as croquet and buttered scones, although these seemingly gentle pursuits have their dangers (exessive butter being bad for you) and "The Adventure Game" had the ruthlessness of the Grid at the end of the show, where if you trod on the wrong point, you were immediately out of the game
Fast forward a few years to my being a teenager, and Channel 4 started showing a gameshow called The Crystal Maze.
This time, the contestants weren't children's TV celebrities, but rather members of the public. Each episode lasted a bit longer, and this time the contestants had to go through four zones - Aztec, Medieval, Industrial (later Ocean) and Future. Try and find and collect a crystal in a locked cell within two minutes, and the total amount adding to the time allowed in the giant crystal at the end, where the amount of tokens they collected in the crystal (whilst were blown around from beneath the floor by huge fans) would define as to what prize they got at the end.
Well it was fun to watch at the time and I think it's about time that we had a new game show, along similar lines, on terrestial television.


Kerron said…
And by golly I'll help write/produce it. Couldn't agree more.

Doogy Rev. Doogy Rev.
Paul Burgin said…
You could present it actually! Perhaps you could arrange a Parliamentary Crystal Maze, with two MP's from each main party. You already have all four zones as you yourself have said! ;)
Kerron said…
Parliamentary Adventure Game would be better.

But I am free to present both, if anyone fancies making an offer. :-)
Anonymous said…
That was such a good show. Could you make your version available for parties, too? I would enjoy that. Unless I got locked in, in which case it would suck.
Paul Burgin said…
lol! I mean with paintballing and the like, I am surprised that no one has arranged these things as weekends away for social and business groups!

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