Fourteen Years Ago..

(BBC Online)
David Mellor was in the cabinet as Secretary of State for National Heritage (now known as Culture, Media, and Sport). Shortly after his appointment there was media coverage of an affair with an actress, Antonia de Sancha.
Mellor denied this, his parents-in-law were a bit, well, unhappy. So Mellor arranged a photo call with the in-laws outside their home in order to play happy families. Then there was some vague, but disconcerting PLO connection involving some freebie holiday.
At the time, many of us in opposition were calling for him to go and I wondered why, when he was being difficult and arrogant, when the Conservative Party was undergoing a relentless barrage of criticism to the point where to keep Mellor on would harm them, Major did not invite him for a chat at No 10 which would end in Mellor's dismissal?
You see, if I were around then, at the age I am now, and(difficult to imagine but there you go) a member of the Conservative Party. I would have wanted Mellor sacked and a radical renewal to take place within the Party, so that it could face the next election, confident, united, determined, and with the same clarity and freshness as it was a decade and a half before, so that another term of office might be achieved. Especially if the continued presence of a disgraced minister facing continued damaging attacks, would, sentimentality aside, cause problems for the Party.


the dúnadan said…
Was this post about David Mellor or John Prescott? As I read it, I kept thinking 'he is going to call for Prescott to resign to help the party mend itself' but you didn't. Will you?
Paul Burgin said…
My view on John Prescott?
Well put simply I think he should review his position, as all politicians should from time to time, and his going is not a matter for us, but for the Party and the Prime Minister.
the dúnadan said…
Well, Paul, you are a member of the Labout Party so you do have the right to say whether you think JP should go or not. I hope he stays because I can't help but feel that he is being bullied by the press, however, when the headlines concern questions about your sex life that you refuse to answer, perhaps it is time to spend more time with your family.
Paul Burgin said…
Well I think Prescott needs to spend some time to reflect on the decision he needs to make and why. I will say no more than that for now!
Man in a shed said…
Standards in public life have declined because people who are clearly either disgraced or not up to the job are supported by their own side for tribal reasons.

Think Prescott - and Labour supporters like yourself are helping him stay there.

As a Tory I'm happy because you bleeding support and credibility as a party. But as a concerned citizen I'm very sad as my country is being badly damaged.

For evil to prevail all that is necessary if for good people to do nothing - having seen some of your posts I would put you in the good (if somewhat misguided) category.

Maybe this sounds a bit strong – but its up to each side to keep up overall standards. Remember Tony wants to wash whiter than white !
Paul Burgin said…
I am, as I have already stated in the past on this blog, been rather unhappy with Prescott's behaviour and I think given the way things are heading that he will be gone well within the year.
That said, the Conservatives have not exactly had a clean background and if any standards need to be set it needs to be right across the board.
Thankyou also for your compliment, but you should know that I joined the Labour Party because I feel that, whilst it has it's moments, it has an ethos of concern for the downtrodden in society which needs to be upheld and which I have seen this government put forward.
It is not a perfect government (name me one that is!)but it has done good things and I stand by that.

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