Fred Trueman 1931-2006

(BBC Online)
Cricket is one of those sports which I just can't get into watching or listening. Playing cricket at school was something I enjoyed though (well batting anyway, I wasn't that good at catching balls) , and I do wish I was a bit of a fan of it as there is something exciting about it that seems just, well so English, and yet which transcends cultures and creeds.
So it is with some sadness that I heard of Fred Trueman's death after a battle with lung cancer. Forthright, determined, and yet humourous, he was a true Yorkshireman and one who will be missed.


Shaun (editor) said…
Cricket is a very difficult game to get into. Whilst my brother has always played club cricket, I couldn't see what was so interesting about it - until 5 years ago when for some unknown reason the cricket bug bit me and I've been obseesive about it ever since. I love test cricket, but it's difficult to appreciate if you don't have the time to watch it fully.
I've always liked Fred Trueman (RIP), especially for his outspoken and traditional viewpoints.

As for the football - much better overall performance tonight, but I've always known that Rooney's temperous reactions would cost us one day.
Paul Burgin said…
Strangely enough, I agree with you. Rooney's attitude on the pitch was an accident waiting to happen, and I think you are right about the timing of cricket which affects our interest.

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