Hoylake Welcomes George Clooney

(Associated Press)
Apparently he has been seen there recently, having a pint at the local Ship Inn.
Admittedly no major Hollywood star has visited Baldock recently (although Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman did some after hours shopping at our local giant Tesco's store during the filming of Eyes Wide Shut
So if any A'list Hollywood star is reading my blog, you are more than welcome to pop by. I particually recommend the coffee shop in the High Street, oppositte Costcutters, as they have friendly service and nice mince pies around December.


Andrea said…
"So if any A'list Hollywood star is reading my blog"

In the absence of a Hollywood A Lister, there's always the chance you will get the visit of a Tory A lister. Not sure if welcomed though
Paul Burgin said…
Well I do live in a solid Tory area! :(
MP: Oliver Heald (Shadow Secretary for Constitutional Affairs) Maj: about 9,000
Andrea said…
uhm, maybe not old enough to retire and to get Adam Rickitt as a replacement! :wink:
Kerron said…
I've visited Baldock a few times - especially in my inauspicious "career" with Baldock Town FC.

But not sure I count as a celebrity in this, or any other, context. :-)
Paul Burgin said…
Oh no, if it was a choice simply between Heald and Rickeitt, it would be Heald every time.
C4' said…
What pompus self-rightious twit that man Clooney is.
What an absolutely gorgeous person he is.
Paul Burgin said…
I have to say, I think he is charismatic and if I were gay or a woman, I would probably fancy him!
He also looks particuarly good in a black suit.
Paul Burgin said…
I thought it was checked shirts you liked! ;)

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