(Passion Worship Band)

Have been wanting to blog on this for a while, having been inspired by Lola's post on the subject.
Put basically I like them, although sometimes how they are handled matters a great deal, like any other song. Too much the old ones in a Church Service and you feel like you are dealing with "Hymns Ancient and Ancient" , but at the same time one shouldn't ignore the beautiful classics like "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" or "Amazing Grace" (The hymn I chose for my confirmation).
Nor should the modern ones like "Shine Jesus Shine" by Graham Kendrick be sidelined, nor should the religious hymns that owe more to Gregorian Chants, like the Taize hymns, be ignored if possible. All about respect and balance when used in a service.
In any case, let me know your thoughts on this. As for me I have to dash for now. Work becons.


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