The Man With The Golden Gun

Lisa Rullsenberg quoted Marie on the Bond mysoginy in that film!
Well admittedly, erm being a Bond fan (staring at my feet in embarrasment) I admit that the early Bond films were very sexist, but I hasten to add that the books are far worse and that the films have toned down over the years. That said The Man With the Golden Gun is one of the weakest of the Bond movies, although Christopher Lee manages to salvage some of it by giving one of the most unnerving and cold portrayals of a Bond villain in the franchise's forty year history.
If you want to see a good Bond movie, I recommend Goldeneye, From Russia With Love, For Your Eyes Only, or On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Oh and Moonraker if you want a good laugh!
And yes, I am looking forward to the latest one.


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