Popular Blogs at Bloggers4Labour (Week 3)

Note. As Jo has pointed out, these are the Top Ten with the most recommended posts.

The Top 10 Bloggers at B4L, as voted for by fellow bloggers are:

1) Labour Humanists (Up two places)

2) KERRON CROSS - The Voice of the Delectable Left (Down one place)

3) normblog (Down one place)

4) wongaBlog (Same place)

5) Ministry of Truth (Up two places)

6) Take back the voice (Up three places)

7) Skuds' Sister's Brother (Down two places)

8) Jo's Journal (Down three places)

9) PooterGeek (Down two places)

10) Bob Piper (Same place)

For the curious, I am still in Jt 13th place (with Harry's Place and Mike Ion)

This is no indication of how popular the blogs are, nor of their standing. It's just an indicator one who has written the most interesting articles in the Labour blogosphere this week.


Kerron said…
As I've said all along (please don't check back for previous comments), if I'm not top then the system of analysis is totally and utterly flawed and we should therefore ignore the results. ;-)
Paul Burgin said…
Why does the word ego suddenly spring to mind! ;)
I am once again very excited, perhaps I am turning into one of Thatcher's children, getting excited about individual achievement

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