Am feeling a tad low (bit quiet and distant low actually) today, so appreciate any thoughts, prayers, etc.. Nothing personal or workwise, it's just that this morning I found I have been thwarted in a minor political ambition. But hey, that's fine, there were very good reasons and I agree with them and it means better and less narrow opportunites for me in politics.
Some of you will know exactly what I mean because I told you, but obviously best keep it under your hat for various reasons.



Kerron said…
For those of you that don't know Paul was planning to stand as Labour leader, but has instead decided to take legal action against me. ;-)

Only joking, mate. You have to smile, it's their loss at the end of the day - look at it as a n opportunity to do something better.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm sorry you had a political disappointment.
Bur remember that tomorrow is another day!
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear that. Would some pictures of ducks help? I find that ducks are good at cheering me up.
Sorry to hear about that, thoughts are with you.

However, I am going to put photos of ducks on my blog at some point today to cheer you up!
Rosemary said…
Aw, sorry to hear about that :(

I have emailed u so that should make u smile!:)
Paul Burgin said…
Kerron, Labour leader is definetly not one of my ambitions! ;)
Andrea and Andrew, thanks for your kind words and I will certainly look at the ducks! Feeding ducks in a park, when feeling down, is also theraputic! :), and Adele you shouldn't have but warmly appreciated!
Rose. Thanks for the e-mail, may well ring you later if okay with you! :)
Paul, I think you're too nice to be labour leader!

No worries about the ducks, I used to go and feed them in the park near my Nana in leeds as a child, so sentimental value.

Also ducks visit my Dad's pond but he doesn't like them as they stir up the pond making it muddy disturb the fishes and create an absolute mess. The pet bunny rabbit is much better.

Take care, Adele
Paul Burgin said…
You clearly were not in my presence when Argentina booted England out of the World Cup in 1998 then! ;)
Football and me together, distorts normal behaviour I tend to find. Especially when combined with excessive quantities of stella!
Paul Burgin said…
McCartney's daughter has that effect on you, goading you into being angry at footballers!?!
Goodness! ;)
Sir-C4' said…
Life sucks and then you die. I'm miserable everyday some reason of another. My hopes of getting a job with HBSC recently came to nothing and I haven't heard back from the Royal Mint or anyone else yet.

I hope you cheer you soon, Paul.
Paul Burgin said…
Thanks C4

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