And the 18 Doughty Street Saga continues..

There are concerns that the street's Doughtiness will soon be expunged, as this entry shows.
I think it would be a shame if it came to the feared end (and yes, I have an interest, I joined up as an online blogging journalist).
18 Doughty Street isn't Tory TV as some claim, and anyone who has been watching will have seen the likes of Alex and Kerron on there, giving a robust defence of the government and their policies. (In any case, anyone who knows the channel will know that not all who are involved in one way or another, Kerron and myself included, are most certainly not Conservatives! ;) ) What 18 Doughty Street does do is provide ongoing political debate in a clear and concise manner. One apolitical friend of mine, Cally's Kitchen , waxed lyrical about being a Doughty fan on his blog today, saying:

"In the space of a few short weeks it has made me interested in politics in a way that I have not been since my teens, so much so that I actually look forward to watching it every Monday to Thursday. It is true, by the way, that I have even forsaken listening to good music to watch the shows that I missed, which are now in the archive. What is so good about 18DS that I would want to do this? I think it is the casual professionalism of the presenters (partic. Iain Dale). Just like good teachers, they wear their learning lightly"

So if you watch and enjoy 18 Doughty Street, help support it in any way you can, and if you haven't seen it, just take a look at the sidebar on this blog, you can't miss it! ;)


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