The Dale challenge: 10 things I would never do

Paul Linford has been tagged by Iain to list 10 things he would never do. In turn Paul has tagged me.

So here goes.

10) Take drugs (well not illegal ones anyway)

9) Visit the following willingly (North Korea, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Las Vegas)

8) Bungee Jump

7) Swim with sharks

6) Get into a punch up

5) Get a tattoo

4) Do stand up comedy (although I admire many who do)

3) Commit suicide

2) Join the Conservatives or Lib Dems

1) Abandon my faith

Tagging: The Moderators of Fisking Central, Cally's Kitchen, Jo, Tim, Skuds, Lisa Rullsenberg, Miranda, any blogger named Andrew, Louise, Prague Tory, Jonathan.


Anonymous said…
Hmm, this is surprisingly difficult...

Btw, I think that re-tagging Iain risks creating a infinite loop rift in the blogospheric continuum, which could mean the end of us all...Just a warning :-)
Paul Burgin said…
Oh heck, didn't notice that, will change accordingly before loop rift occurs :)

Anonymous said…
Good enough about swimming with sharks, I have swum with dolphins and done scuba diving, but that would be a no-go area for me too.
Paul Burgin said…
Well it would take a very brave soul to do it!

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