Limelight - Chaplin's masterpiece?

I was at home yesterday morning and caught Limelight on one of the Sky movies channels!
Now I am not a Charlie Chaplin fan as such (I respect his comic timing, but his little tramp does not make me laugh), although I think The Great Dictator (his first talkie), is a work of genius for it's time, maybe the same can be said for his silent shorts, but that just shows how mainstream humour has changed!
But Limelight is a rarity for Chaplin, in that it is more drama than comedy, and the storyline of a washed up drunk helping a suicidal ballerina during the Edwardian music hall era may seem a little rusty, but it is well written, underplayed at the right measure, believeable, and Chaplin gives what I think is his best acting performance. The little tramp being just a faint echo in the music hall scenes! I also know of one or two people who are not Chaplin fans but love this film, so if you do get a chance do watch it!
Incidentally I have seen all of Chaplin's post tramp films, bar his last one, A Countess from Hong Kong, which apparently is not brilliant, but the fact that it's in colour and also stars Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren, so I would like to see it if only for the curiosity value!


BCB Webmaster said…
I love Charlie Chaplin's films, although you are one step ahead of me here as I have not seen Limelight. I would suggest, however, that between 1925 and 1952 Chaplin created a string of masterpieces: The Gold Rush, The Circus, City Light, Modern Times, The Great Dictator and Limelight. About Monsieur Verdoux I can't speak as I haven't seen it.
Paul Burgin said…
They are fairly good films, although I prefer the post tramp talkies!

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