My Alma Mater

(University of Bedfordshire)
Got the bi-annual magazine from my old University and have noticed that the rumours are true. Luton has marged with DeMonfort in Bedford and is now known as the University of Bedfordshire!
I appreciate that it's just a name change and expansion, but by temprament I like tradition so long as it doesn't cause difficulties or harm to anyone, and the old name did help give Luton that uplift it needed in the 1990's. By instinct I wonder whether the new name will devalue status!
But part of this is probably silly snobbery. I am glad some merger has taken place, it shouldn't affect the University and I will always have a soft spot for the town and the place where I spent three of the best years of my life!


Anonymous said…
Luton was last but one in the times good university guide - deservedly so!

I always recommend that people avoide it like the plague!

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