The Doughty Experience

(18 Doughty Street)
This isn't so much a blog entry about the evening itself (and when there is a link to last nights show I will provide it), but rather what it is like to be a guest on the famous Doughty sofa.
So I finish work early and on the way meet up with Kerron. We just about manage a bit to eat at Portcullis House (where there is a rehersal by the Parliamentary Choir, so bizzarely we get serenaded by the likes of Alun Michael, Bernard Jenkin, and Sarah Teather), before dashing to 18 Doughty Street.
First thing on the agenda is queueing for TV make-up. Stephen Tall of A Liberal Goes a Long Way is already there and is watching the debate that is winding up in the studio between various Tories (one or two looking like they are chums of Otis Ferry) about General Pinochet. Donal Blaney being pro Pinochet and Tim Montgomerie being most certainly not. I never thought I would say this but three cheers for Tim!
Then Zoe arrives, has a brief chat with us, and in a single line we head off to the studio. The Tories leave, Tim all friendly. Otis Ferry's possible chums looking suspiciously at us.
Then the show. My mind is wired on various levels, unlike when I watch this kind of programme. I am not just engaged in conversation, or indeed worrying if I look okay! I am also concerned about posture, camera shots, fear of being caught off guard when asked a question with my mind a blank, and finding the books on the shelf opposite me rather fascinating!
Half way through, Stephen and the other guy leave and two right-wing bloggers (One Conservative, one libetarian) come in. Then the conversation takes a more serious tone. I start to wonder if Kerron and I have been charmed into relaxation only for Iain to metaphorically beat us up, but no, Iain is too nice to do that! ;)
But my comrade and I aquit ourselves welll and the show ends on such pleasntaries as Zara Phillips winning the Sports Personality of the Year Award and Christmas decorations to shortly appear in the Doughty studio. They are very kind, gracious, and have taxis sent for us.
So it's King's Cross station before long and home within the hour. All in all quite good and if asked to appear again I will happily agree. What has occured to me to do is perhaps a live blog on a Vox Politics episode, but I would like to do that with Stephen (Lib Dem) and Tim Roll-Pickering (Con), so what say you Stephen and Tim?


Praguetory said…
Splendid performance. It was a lively debate re poverty later on although became a bit partisan (I blame Iain a bit, but I'd probably have to see it again). In fact, it was really good, but there was almost too many angles to cover. I like Zoe but I think the show also needs a presenter of equal stature to Iain (but on the left) for when these debates are being chaired. It is a little unfair to have a righty setting the agenda for all of these discussions.
Paul Burgin said…
The poverty one was a bit and I wanted to challenge the bearded guy on one or two comments he made but the conversation started to move on before I could say anything. Don't knock Zoe she gave one or two alternative points to Iain's when they were needed, and thanks for your charitable comments about left/right balance! ;)

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