Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 27: The Box of Delights

On the way to Church this morning and Classic FM was on the car radio.
The piece was an arrangement of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and it reminded me of the theme tune to the BBC Children's programme The Box of Delights, which brought back some old childhood memories of Christmas cheer.
So I stated out loud that I wished every Christmas was like "The Box of Delights" !
Then it struck me.
Mass kidnappings, flash storms and floods on Christmas Eve, dodgy individuals dressed up as clergymen talking to impressionable teenagers, black magic, wild wolves, slightly incompetent policemen, middle class children who don't know what the 1930's Depression is unless it is personified in a tramp who vaguely looks like the Second incarnation of Doctor Who!
Err, maybe not.


Sean Carter said…
you are very true. it feels so nostalgic to get back to your childhood!the fantasy world surely attracts any and everybody.

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