Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 28: In Dulci Jubilo

Another day another flurry of news headlines. What to blog on? Stephen Tall's slightly irritating but predictable bar chart? Proposed new security at the London Underground ? Or even my own list of five MP's I like and five I dislike (which would probably get me into trouble considering that I have friends who are friends (or at least aqauintances) of one of the MP's I do dislike (and yes that individual is in the Labour Party ).
Instead, as it is nearly Christmas I thought I would share with you one of my all-time favourite Christmas songs, as performed by Mike Oldfield (who seems to resemble Andrew at WongaBlog! Only Andrew has short hair and is clean shaven. Oh, and some years younger than Mr Oldfield as well! ;))


Anonymous said…
That's a new one :-) Thirty years age difference probably means I couldn't get away with a career impersonating him, though. Damn.
Paul Burgin said…
Not unless you wear make up!
Anonymous said…
Only at weekends.

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