The Queen's Speech debate

On Tuesday we saw the leader of the Opposition launch himself like a whailing banashee on the governments plans detailed in the Queen's speech. For all the Tories' s supposed assertions that they are now an elite crack fighting force, the man who said that he wanted to leave "Punch and Judy politics" branded the Prime Minister weak. He showed frustration over the governments plans for raising inheritance tax thresholds and their forthcoming climate change bill. Surely if the Tories do share those ideas they should be pleased with the government. But obviously wanting to get elected to power is more important to them. So much for wanting to go past "Punch and Judy politics".
Then the PM delivered the Coup de Grace by stating that the Conservative leader was good on jokes and bad on policy and it is on policy that the electorate will want to see at the next election. Not pathetic wingeing from David Cameron about supposed policy theft or facile bullying attempts by George Osborne about how awful Gordon Brown is(and lets not forget George Osborne has a record in personal attacks). Gordon Brown has overseen one of the longest periods of economic growth in this country, what is George Osborne's record?


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