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Mars Hill blog entries of 2008

The Situation in Israel/Gaza

The New Years Honours for 2008/09

A Short Review of the Year 2008

The Dodgy Area of Conservative Party Friendships: David Cameron, David Ross, and Michael Spencer

More on the Pope's Comments

Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 46:The Glorious Twenty-Fifth

Pope Benedict's Comments on Homosexuality

Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 45:The Santa Dash

Williams Calls for C of E Split!

Dumping Household Pets

Contradiction Over the Economy?

The Cholera Epidemic in Zimbabwe

That February Election

That Phrase "Nu Labour", Democratic Rights, and Being Polite

The De Menezes Result

Democracy in Sark

More on the Damien Green Saga

The Woolworths Closure Sale

Possibly the Strangest Queen Video There Is!

Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 44: When Exactly Was Jesus Christ Born?

The Carphone Warehouse Man, the London Mayor = More Embarrassment for the Conservatives and David Cameron

The IT Crowd and Wallander

Things to do with Advent/Christmas Pt 43: St Nicholas's Day

The Speakers' Statement

Doctor Who: The Next Doctor

Cameron "The Lightweight". According to Barack Obama

Peter Hain Not Charged Over Donations Row

New South Wales MP's To Be Breathalysed

Boris Johnson and the Three Hour Outrage Over Damien Green

How the Damien Green Case Should Have Been Handled

Hillary At The State Department

Police Raiding a Commons Office

Helping Alex Hilton

Are We Being Green About Damien?

Terror in Mumbai

The Tipping Point


Blog Stats Record

Carry On Sargeant

That BNP List

Elections for post of Labour Party Treasurer

Prince John

Kilroy: MEP or Celebrity?

The Fleshwounds in Society

Otis Ferry Thinks Prisons Are "Namby-Pamby"

That Commons Clash Over Baby P

I'm A Celebrity 2008

Lest We Forget

Osborne and his ill advised ways

Review of Quantum of Solace

That Glenrothes By-Election Result

Mars Hill Blog Stats (Oct 2008)

Nov 5th. Bonfire Night

Bali Bombers Face Execution

The Result

US Presidential Election 08: Live Blog Entry

Live Bloggers

The Last Forty-Eight Hours

BBC Standards

Should Somebody Tell Recess!

David Tennant Leaving Doctor Who

Learning from Obama


Live Blogging Next Week

Moment of Pride

John Humphrys and the Queen

Sarah Palin's Wardrobe

Osborne and the Russians

The Obama Lead

Obama Vs McCain. The Final Debate

Driving Lessons XVI

Blog Update

Those Nearly Moments in Film

The Economic Challenges

Presidential Campaign Taking a Nasty Turn!

The Cosmos Rocks. A Review

Monkey Business

Obama Vs McCain. Part Two

City Chaplain in Gay Tattoo Row

The VP Debate Between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. As Seen By Saturday Night Live

The Ten Blogging Commandments. Courtesy of the Evangelical Alliance!

Cabinet Reshuffle Review

Mandelson Back In Cabinet

Mars Hill Blog Stats (Sept 2008)

US Senate Bail Out!

Student Initiation Ceremonies

Nativity Competition


Political Bi-Partisanship With Regards to the Economy

Driving Lessons Part XV

Shame On The House Of Representatives

Birthday Celebrations

McCain Vs Obama: The First Debate

The Bail Out

Gordon Brown's Speech

Ken Livingstone and James Mason

The Hoa Lo Prison Museum

Premier Rado Interview