Cameron and Osborne and Punch and Judy

I know this is a bit strange for a Labour person to say this, but when David Cameron became Leader of the Opposition I was vaguely hopeful. Hopeful in so far that whilst the Tories would hardly change, he, in some ways like Blair, would try and start a revolution and that here, Labour and the Lib Dems would have an opponent whom we would respect.
I think that today, the very last droplet of that respect went down the plughole.
Cameron, who wants to one day lead this country and join the ranks of World's statesmen, stated when he was elected leader that he wanted to see an end to "Punch and Judy politics". How often we have seen him fulfill that pledge here, here and here. Not forgetting of course the interview with The Times this morning.
Make no mistake, Paul Linford is right that there seems to be a concerted attack on Gordon Brown's personality by the Tories'. This goes beyond simple satire, take Richard Littlejohn's comments, or Kelvin Mackenzie's (where he ended up insulting Scots in general), or George Osborne (see here and here) for who, whilst he made a mistake rather than a malicious move on failing to declare £487.000 hardly showed himself as someone who would make a good Chancellor of the Exchequer (I mean you would have thought he would have double and triple checked if it was okay given the sheer amount involved! I certainly would and I say that not out of self righteousness, but because I would be nervous if faced with such an amount being bandied about).
I have a horrible feeling that, given this sort of behaviour and whilst it's in the past, there is still something of the Bullingdon about Cameron and Osborne. I hope not, I really hope not, because that would be bad for all of us in politics, not just them. Our job, as Labour activists, bloggers, etc.. is not to take this abuse lying down. Gordon doesn't :)