Cabinet Reshuffle Review

All cabinet reshuffles contain one or two moves which can be annoying, welcoming, or even bring bewilderment. Peter Mandelson's return has surely generated all three emotions in some Labour members and I will admit, my feelings are somewhat mixed. As I said the other day, this is either a stroke of genius or a major mistake.
With regards to other appointments etc..I am glad to see a new Dept for Energy and Climate Change, given the high importance of the issue, that both Brownites and Blairites have been given important positions, although it would have been good to see Jon Cruddas get a job.
Plus don't forget what sort of opposition Labour are up against. One that doesn't refrain from getting down and dirty and playing "Punch and Judy" games. George Osborne has already not been able to refrain from venting his pathological loathing of Gordon Brown by launching a whispering campaign about having had lunch with Peter Mandelson a few weeks ago, and given his vile track record, I think we can safely say that it was Osborne who was behind it. He certainly has form, and not form that will endear him to the electorate considering that he hopes to be the next Chancellor of the Exchequer.
One hopes that the Conservatives will show some maturity at some point in the near future and become the sort of Opposition David Cameron originally envisaged, one hopes and prays anyway! Likewise the Government has it's work cut out in regaining trust. Whether Mandelson's appointment will have hindered that, time will tell. We certainly have a formidable team though and we need that right now.


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