Are We Being Green About Damien?

This was another jaw dropper. I think the best thing before reaching to any conclusion is to wait and see about the circumstances. I expect some of my Tory readers will assume that is a typicalattitude for a Labour blogger like myself to take, but I sincerely hope that Green has done no such thing and that the Tories' anger is justified, but until we know alll the facts we should not jump to conclusions


Anonymous said…
It seems there are a number of 'moles' within the treasury,home office and other departments and the government has finally had enough. The Tories would not tolerate such a thing when in government yet now they yelp when one of their own is arrested. Why no support of cash for honours Levy and others when they were frogmarched to police stations at 1am?

These Tory cries smack of politicians being above the law - politicians should be treated the same as anyone else suspected of a serious crime.

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