Blog Stats Record

Well, am still trying to pick up my jaw, as it has landed on the floor and smashed at high speed.
Have basically just checked my blog stats for this week.
Yesterday I did not write a single blog entry and yet I got over 700 hits. That is a record! Higher than my interview with Iain Dale and mentioning the last episode of Life On Mars and they got nearly 500 hits within twenty four hours. This morning alone, my blog has received over 100 hits!
Well this time it was through mentioning that BNP list, I knew it would spark interest, but not by that much! Says a lot.
Now must book for an appointment in order to have my jaw fixed.


Anonymous said…
This is hardly a strange item, it you write about controvertial items you will get High hits.

You can prove it write a post about drinking a cup of tea but title it "Donkey boy in Lesbian Romp" or "All night Horse/Girl Action"

and with the right SEO the hits will come flooding in.
Paul Burgin said…
Well yes and no. I have blogged on controversial subjects before and I did once mention sex in a blog entry just to see if it would get a large response. I have had many hits before as I have said, but nothing like this
Anonymous said…
Congratulations - how many hits were Nulabor IT pa'troll'ers ??
Kerron said…
So you get more blog visits when you don't put up blog posts.

Surely you've sussed the key to success - stop blogging!

Your success will be guaranteed. :-)

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