The Fleshwounds in Society

First of all my apologies for the absence in blogging, have been caught up with day-to-day life as it were ;)
But I did have several ideas for blog entries over things that have been milling in my brain and I thought this morning that perhaps I can put them into one blog post, so I hope you can bear with me
It seems that recently we have had to stop and examine where we are as a society in relation to each other and in relation to our wellbeing. It bothers me when we come across incidences that seem straight out a Dickens novel. A mother having her daughter kidnapped so that she can claim some reward, a local authority not acting on the almost blatant signs that a child is being abused and not picking up on it, an economy that is in danger and politicians spending time blaming each other when this should be the very time that political parties should look at ways of helping and supporting each other in finding a way out of this mess.
We see people attach too much to celebrity and not on people being famous for a particular talent, we see a breakdown in family life, we see a lack of respect of tradition (irrespective of it's origins) and a lack of respect for authority.Whilst I don't think we are a broken society, I do think we are bruised and bleeding.
Now whilst I am a Christian, middle-class, white, Englishman, I also happen to be fairly left-wing, tolerant, and open minded. I think Mary Whitehouse could go OTT and I think that there is something to be said for civil partnerships.
Am I one of only a few people who likes to see an open and tolerant society, but who also wants to see a spine of Conservatism with a small c, and be left-wing at the same time?
Just some thoughts


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