Otis Ferry Thinks Prisons Are "Namby-Pamby"

From what I have read, living up to his reputation in some quarters as being rude, obnoxious, and arrogant. But if he wants hard slog, then I am sure that can be arranged.
That said,I think it is safe to say we won't be getting any prison memoirs from him!


Angela Cox said…
It's very hard to know how to say this . I was already asked to keep my political and social opinions to myself on a Bryan Ferry fan-site . I was a fan back in 1972 then became a little alarmed by things like the uniform phase . The "In-Crowd" was the final straw ( what a revolting thought). Anyhow my mother recently died and I went on a nostalgia trip .I found it nearly impossible to write even slightly anti-Bryan or Otis comments. Fan sites are sites of worship , the empty religion of celebrity. You need to read a bit deeper and find out the kind of people Otis's mother mixes with now she has re-married. It is quite scary .To be honest I think the young man has mental health problems and if they are not sorted out he could be quite dangerous when freed .It's no surprise Cameron wants to chase down animals in this brutal manner .

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