Pope Benedict's Comments on Homosexuality

I have to say that I was rather saddened more than anything when I heard the Pope's latest pronouncment on this issue. But then are we surprised by his views any more than bears do their business in the woods and the Pope being, well, Catholic!
Where do I begin? Is it the fact that he makes a leap of a connection with damage to the environment, or that he has hurt the feelings of others! I know the Conservative communities that exist in the Christian faith, to my shame I once held more strict views myself, but I do wish some Christians would stop and think through what they are doing when they make such pronouncments and concentrate on loving their neighbour rather than worrying about their faith being under attack from the postmodern world. Sexuality is a vulnerable aspect of everyone's nature, gay or straight, and we need to be aware of that within others as well as ourselves.
Some fights are worth making a stand for, others are not (for example if the Pope spoke out about the abuses in Zimbabwe, and the unchristian behaviour of Robert Mugabe that would have been tremendous) and it is focusing on that and remembering what a fragile and vulnerable world that we live in thats important.
Its just sad that, especially at this time of year, of all the things Pope Benedict XVI could have said (he could even have simply pointed out the value of inter-gender dependency, esp given the wider World we live in), he had to plough through a sensitive issue which has the effect on some individuals and groups as a person sliding down a large razor blade, using their feet as a break, and landing in a bucket of salt.


Anonymous said…
I am afraid I am going to have to call you on a point in your post. You say Christians should worrying about their faith being under attack, this is incorrect as it is unfortunately its their religion that they are worried about. As faith has no rules or boundarys to govern it, it cannot be wrong or attacked. if people just had faith there would be no problems no wars no terrorists, it is religion that creates our so called guiding principles and with it a shit load of problems.
Anonymous said…
is it possible to post a link to what the pope actually said. I've been searching all the news channels, the catholic news, the vatican site. Nowhere can I find a transcript. All I can find are a number of loose quotes that don't really illustrate the points being made. It would be nice to make up one's own mind.
Anonymous said…
Paul, It's great that you have risen above your faith to see how horrible and vindictive this pronouncement is.

Only today I was talking to a wonderful woman at work, she is kind and hard working - but deeply religious. Like millions of other faith-heads - she agrees with the Pope on this.

There are bad people of all faiths and none, but only religion can make otherwise good people bad like this. It is such a shame - you cannot say that the leader of one of the biggest religions is not representative of how horrible faith can be - he is hardly on the fringes, like defenders of faith always seem to claim.
Anonymous said…
Whilst the issue of sexuality is indeed a sensitive and indeed contentious issue I do think that the pope is right to speak out about it - after all Jesus would have done!

Yes - Christianity is about loving our neighbours and helping those in need but moreover it's about spiritual welbeing as well as material welbeing - it what makes us right with God. Christianity isn't about being 'good' - only God is good - it's about seeking to love, serve, follow and obey God. Of course we can't expect those who don't know God to obey him but in the pope's position as head of the RC church he is quite right to speak out.

Just to respond to 'Kiff', I'm not quite sure how you define faith and religion but the Christian faith does have rules and boundaries, as does any faith. However faith in Christ does not compel us to war or to acts of terror. People can attack Christianity all they want but nothing and nobody can overcome God.

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