That Phrase "Nu Labour", Democratic Rights, and Being Polite

I have wondered where that phrase "Nu Labour" has come from, having a vague memory that it was a pathetic attempt to equate Labour with Zanu PF, that excuse for a political party that Robert Mugabe runs. Having done a bit of research and asking around, that seems to be the consenus in some quarters, although "Nu" can equally be shorthand for "New", hence my uncertainty.
That said, many of those who use the phrase "Nu Labour" do so in context of some attack on the government, and there are some who should know better who equate the government with what goes on in Zimbabwe. Which is not only offensive to the government who are doing all they can to help those who are suffering in Zimbabwe, but more so to the actual people who are literally dying in that country because of Mugabe's regime.
Lets put it another way: Is there widespread cholera in the UK? Have opposition members disappeared? Has there been voter rigging in order to stay in power? Have we seen roaming thugs going around stealing farms from its owners? Has the economy gone so kaput that it costs millions to buy a loaf of bread? Of course not, and yet we have a few individuals who are being nasty and unpleasant enough to make a vicious comparison.
Mind you, exaggeration doesn't seem to be anything new, as Christina Patterson has described so well in her column in Saturday's Independent. We get far more wound up about voting where reality TV shows are concerned, like "Strictly Come Dancing", and not take into proper account that many are suffering and dying so that free and fair elections for a government can take place in other parts of the World.
What would help to change this? Well basically perhaps more respect for each other as political opponents and trying to avoid making insulting comparisons when being critical, which is very difficult. God knows I need to, even yesterday I let a moment of irritation get the better of me in a post I left on Iain Dale's blog. I won't dare say that we need to bring an end to Punch and Judy politics, but we need to try, and try again to help change attitudes within ourselves and others, and have the grace and guts to apologise when we fail


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