The BAFTA's 2009

Have just been watching the awards on TV. I have to say that I was pleased that Kate Winslet, the late Heath Ledger, and Terry Gilliam all won something, especially as I feared that Winslet had blown her chances with her blubbing at the Golden Globes and that Heath Ledger might not win for the simple fact that he is no longer with us.
But there is still some breathtaking talent out there, and in some cases the nominations were spoilt for choice. For the past fifteen years I have been fairly positive about the state of the British Film industry, and tonight has helped confirm that sense of positiveness.


Anonymous said…
Heath Ledger won precisely for the fact that he is now dead. As good as he was as the Joker, his was a very simple (i.e. one dimensional) role. I think the BAFTAs - and maybe the Oscars too - are not honouring his performance in The Dark Knight so much as they are his achievement as an actor.

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