Defending Alex Hilton From Smears!

To see what I am talking about, read here!
This is the second time in a week that I have had to publicly defend a fellow blogger, and I am proud to do so!
In this case, Alex is someone who is a fellow Labour Party activist and I am proud to call him a friend. We are two very different people, (as any quick read of both our blogs can tell you), but I have known Alex to be loyal, thoughtful, considerate, and a man who commits acts of great kindness that not everyone knows about. As for endorsement, the threat he recieved is the sort of vicious and unpleasant smear that would make Joe McCarthy proud! Alex is one of the most tribal people I know (as anyone who reads his blog can tell you!) and sometimes he has been so to the point where I wonder if he has gone too far! But at the same time he is someone who is all for blogging solidarity with those across the divide who seem reasonable, and that does not preclude being critical to those said bloggers when it is needed. He escpecially raises his voice when there are issues of racism and/or injustice and/or greed!
Alex you have a no of friends who are more than happy to stand up and be counted to give you support and I am one of them. Some of us have an idea who your attacker is and I have a suspicion that person is not only an embarrasment and a stain on the Labour Party, but is someone who riding for a fall!


Paul, you are too kind - possibly embarrassingly so. I'm not nearly as nice as you think i am :)

But I really apprecciate you backing me up.

All the best


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