George Osborne and his choice of words!

Readers of Mars Hill will know that I find it difficult to like or respect George Osborne, but for once I agree with him!
No, I know, but hear me out as it were. He has stated that the Prime Minister needs to be careful over his choice of words when it comes to mentioning the state of the British Economy!
He is right, in so far that we do have to be careful when it comes to using words and phrases and even simply mentioning how things are faring financially at the moment.
So its a shame to point out that, yet again, a leading Conservative politician has been hypocritical and hoping no one would notice. As Margaret Beckett has said, the Conservatives, especially Cameron and Osborne, have constantly talked down the economy, and I might add, eschewed bipartisanship (see here, and then here).
Anyone would think that they would hope things would stay bad and/or get worse for the sake of electoral gain, but I would like to think that not even they would sink so low!


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