Sir Terry Pratchett Honoured by the Queen

There are two reasons why I am pleased that Terry Pratchett has been honoured. The first is that I think he simply deserves it after making a career as one of the best fantasy novelists the UK has produced. The second is because of his bravery in helping bring more attention towards the need to fight the vicious and vile disease that is Altzheimers, and hopefully today will help in such publicity.
Anyone who has known someone who has gone through this, or any other form of dementia, will know the pain and hurt it can cause. My maternal Grandad suffered from mental decline in the last few years of his life, especially in the past two years, and I cannot adequatley explain how hard it was for me, who had a close relationship with him, to hear him ask me on my 21st if he had visited my parents house before! Or a year later when he asked me what his name was (and he was very proud to have the name Nelson, being born on the centenary of Trafalgar)!
I am cynical enough to question whether a cure for such conditions will be found in my lifetime, but that should not stop us looking for them, nor to hope for a breakthrough around the corner.


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