Abortion and Pro Life Ads on TV

I have hesitated before blogging on this, as someone who is pro life but who has at least one friend who I care about who has had an abortion and several others who are pro choice, I am acutely aware of the various arguments and that this is an issue which needs careful thought and careful consideration.
I think it is important that if pro choice groups are allowed ads then so should pro life groups and vice versa, that is only fair. However both sides need to be given guidelines due to the acute sensitivity of the issues, and both sides need to work towards looking at areas of common ground.
This is not twee or wishy washy, this is important because there are some on both sides of the argument who have had bitter and painful experiences and who are hurting. If anyone needs to put forward ones point it is important to empathise with the opposition and hopefully all will learn something along the way


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