Otis Ferry Charges Likely to be Dropped!

I hate to admit this for several reasons, but it is painful to realise that an individual you not only dislike but have little to no respect for and judge on the basis of past misdemeanors may well be innocent!
Yes I automatically assumed he was guilty on the basis that not only does he come across as a condescending and arrogant individual, but that here was someone who broke into the House of Commons and basically stalked Tony Blair (see here and here)! In other words he had form.
But, thankfully, we live in a country where people's guilt or innocence is based on truth, not character (in spite of some right wingers making facile comparisons with third world dictatorships like Zimbabwe) and am glad that a perversion of justice seems to have been avoided. I hope now that Otis Ferry will have a chance to rest and take stock from this incident.
But, that said, this should not detract from the fact that some pro-hunt supporters have been violent and aggressive towards protesters, nor that those who campaign against hunting are people who break laws and pervert the course of justice to suit their own ends.


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