Derek Draper a Christian?

Hat tip to Churchmouse to alerting me to this.
I have to say that while I'd be happy if it is true, I think given the events of the past few months there is good reason to be wary of this statement. Plus, as Cranmer has stated I'd be interested to know what Draper thinks of the following

1) Are you a real psychotherapist?
2) Did you in any way falsify or misrepresent your qualifications?
3) If you did not intend ever to do anything with ‘those emails’, why did you set up ‘Red Rag’?
4) Why would ‘those emails’ fall into your inbox out of the blue?
5) Who is ‘Ollie Cromwell’, the name to which the domain ‘Red Rag’ is registered, apparently in breach of Nominet’s terms and conditions?

This may well be genuine, after all there were sneers abounding when Jonathan Aitken and Charles Colson found God (and Colson is an evangelical conservative), but time has shown that there were genuine changes there, whatever one thinks of their political and theological beliefs, so we shall see whether this is the response to light shining on a damaged heart, or whether this is another ego trip.


Kerron said…
Whilst I'd also like to know the answer to the questions concerning Red Rag etc, I have to say it always worries me when people make (snap) judgements based on someone else's professed personal faith.

It is worth remembering that sin is sin to God, whether it is lying, coveting, murdering or setting up a crap website with an attack blog off-shoot. And we should be careful not to grade levels of sin as we see it.

Fortunately, it is not us who have to make judgements about other people's faith and eligibility for Heaven. I for one generally accept people at their word on things like this - even if that later proves to have been naive of me.

Everyone is flawed. Everyone is sinful. Everyone needs forgiveness.

Those are basic facts for those that follow the Christian faith.

Let us leave the guy alone.
Paul Burgin said…
Kerron if he is genuine, then I am very happy for him, am also not saying it isn't genuine, am just wary
But you are right, a line needs to be drawn
Paul said…
Derek Draper is no longer a player and the questions raised are mostly of no relevance to the world in general. Yes the guy did some bad things and he's paid a high price, but I agree with Kerron's comment: in the end he's just another sinner like the rest of us.

I remember thinking over the Easter weekend when everything basically came crashing down on Draper's head that Easter was a time for scapegoats and new beginnings. Maybe someone said as much to him.

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