Election 79

If you can bear it ;-), BBC Parliament are right now repeating the BBC's Election Night coverage of the 1979 General Election, where Margaret Thatcher came to power.
Always worth a look, if nothing else for the amusement of seeing pundits make predictions regarding the next few years and to see how trends and fasions were then, and also (if you were born before 1980), to see if your memory gets jogged by the appearance of some TV Reporters


Alan Smart said…

I caught a bit of it today as well - a sad activity for us on a bank holiday!

The one thibg that struck me as someone who watched in technical awe as a 19 year old in 1979 was how primatve it all was technically - how far we had come in my still shortinh lifetime. I could do as good programme myself now with 10 laptops 10 camcorders and a group of willing students.

But to the politics - the meltdown of the SNP was most directly relevant to me - from 11 seats to 1, having genuinly threated only 5 years previously to end the Union. A lesson for triumphalists in SNP ranks for sure

On the main event, I kept watching to see if Labour won on the repeat edition. But alas no. Or maybe not - maybe labour needed to lose to renew, sort itself out. This was the modern day parallel in my mind as I watched. And, having come through the labour Civil war of teh 80s,- in the front line of it against teh Militant and other assorted Trots, plus the SDP ( what a coalition!) - whatever one thinks of Thatcherism - labour was objectively "unfit for government" during much of that decade

And Thatcherism? - not pleasant not at all pleasant, but history now - except in terms of its ideological legacy. A legacy David cameron is trying to distance himself from, Tony Blair and now Gordon Brown emrace
Alan Smart said…
correction - SNP fell from 9 seats to 2, but the point the same. And vote share halved - from 30% to 15%

And against the thatcherite tide, Labour in Scotland got a swing to it from the tories. Looking back the start of the big divide, Scotland UK wise - a divegant vote. Complex, as the SNP vote collapsed, but essentially all caught up in the "national question"

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