The Hate Meme

Iain Dale has tagged me to list 19 things I hate. Bit of a challenge, because with some of these things I am just not angry enough, but here goes.

1 - Most hated food.

Brussell Sprouts. Why are thhey part of the Christmas Day meal! I feel physically sick even at the thought of eating them.

2 - Most Hated person.

Well Robert Mugabe isn't exactly a likeable guy, and whilst I don't hate Dick Cheney, I think he behaves like one at best.

3 - Most hated job.

My last one. Had to get the CAB involved, enough said.

4 - Most hated city.

Have yet to visit it. Cities I've been to I either love or feel indifferent towards

5 - Most hated band/song.

Oh where do I start! I disliked half the stuff in the Top Ten in the early nineties thats for sure. Most of them given airplay over more decent stuff on Top of the Pops. The dutch band 2 Unlimited (what a laugh for a name) is a classic example

6 - Most hated website.

Any nasty and aggressive blog. But the really vile ones, such as the BNP wesbite, I would only look at if I had to.

7 - Most hated TV program.

Again, where do I start! I don't watch much TV these days, but I do hate those silly graphics and stunts that some political programmes do and I agree with Iain about Heartbeat. Oh yes, those Swiss rail documentaries you sometimes get on Sky +

9 - Most hated British politician.

There are some I really don't like (from all the main parties), but I haven't met some of them and so I'll keep a diplomatic silence for several reasons. With regard to past politicians though, I think Lloyd George, Lord Boothby, and Sir Richard Manningham-Buller were not people I'd want to make polite conversation with had I been around then. I'd also have found George Brown difficult to deal with, but then to be fair he had an alcohol problem. Plus Roy Jenkins, for all his talents, could be a self regarding snob who would run away at the first sign of a major political scrap.

10 - Most hated artist.

I like some forms of conceptual art, but I can be sniffy on most forms of modern art

11 - Most hated book.

Mein Kampf

12 - Most hated shop.

Harrods, because of who owns it. It was the one place I refused to visit with a former girlfriend, whenever we met up in London

13 - Most hated organisation.

The BNP.

14 - Most hated historical event.

9/11. On a more trivial one I am sure I still have brusies on my psyche from waking up during the small hours of 10th April 1992, as do many Labour activists

15 - Most hated sport.

Snooker in so far as it's enjoyable to play but boring to watch. Plus Curling, what is the point of that?

16 - Most hated technology.

None I can think of right now, but I can remember tape disks and thought they were a nuisance and not at all elegant

17 - Most hated annual event.

Eurovision, but only if Britain has a bad entry

18 - Most hated daily task.

Forcing myself into the shower

19 - Most hated comedian.

Racist stand-up comedians are pretty awful. I did think Bernard Manning was lazy minded and sometimes obnoxious. Not a fan of Jim Davidson either

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