High Noon With Speaker Martin

Tomorrow the Speaker of the House of Commons will be fighting for his political life and I for one hope he fails.
Not out of vindictiveness, or personal dislike, but simply because I feel he is simply not up to the job, and given the lukewarm response shown by some prominent MP's and the outright hostility shown by others, it is clear that this view is shared by many MP's.
It is also clear, as apologists such as Sir Stuart Bell and Lord Foulkes have shown, that Speaker Martin may well try and make a compromise and offer to stand down at the next general election, which they clearly support. One senses the Speaker's pain and empathises to a degree, but this is unacceptable. One of the very first things the House of Commons needs to do is to restore trust in the electorate and Michael Martin's attempts to hang on for a few more months will do nothing to help that.
So lets hope that MP's show some backbone tomorrow and do something honest and decent, although if the more amoral among them think that this will then be the end of the matter then they have another think coming!


Andrew Allison said…
I completely agree. This is not a party political sticking point. Betty Boothroyd was a fantastic Speaker, as was George Thomas. So was Jack Weatherill.

Michael Martin was never up to the job. I favoured Gwyneth Dunwoody. I didn't think George Young would make at good Speaker at the time. Who do you think should replace Martin? I favour Frank Field.
Alan Smart said…
ADVICE TO MICHAEL MARTIN: When clown prince Baron Foulkes is your main supporter, you must surely know its time to go
Paul Burgin said…
I don't know, I have thought about Frank Field or Alan Beith

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