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Further to my previous blog post, I think it's fair to say that whilst there can be no doubt that in some ways Speaker Martin is a decent man, in the end he was simply not up to the job. His wretched performance showed that yesterday and it was painful to watch, for here was a man you could not help but feel for in his predicament and yet at the same time observe his failure to get a grip on the situation.
Some say he was simply following the wishes of the House, that kind of talk is like saying "I was only obeying orders". Previous Speakers have had pressure put on them by various forces within the Commons, some wielding heavy influence. If you read George Thomas and Betty Boothroyd's respective memoris you will see that it happened to them and they responded against it rather well, in george Thomas's case by threatening to resign and explaining why he did so in his resignation speech. The opposition backed down.
Of course there will be some MP's who will have backed this hoping that he will be the scapegoat, to which the message to them is that they had better think again. The anger outside the Commons will not easily go away and trust will be hard to regain, to assume that the clouds will lift from over their heads now that Michael Martin is quitting shows how out of touch they are.


megamerc52 said…
you know, I was reading a report that say's even with scandal after scandal rocking Britian right now, it's not expected to change which party has control in the next election. It makes you think, how long are people going to deal with corrupt lawmakers you only care about themselves. we have this same problem in the US.
Anonymous said…
Whether or not Speaker Martin is a "decent" man is not longer a question. There were improprities. It is the likes of Speaker Martin we elect to POLICE such improprieties - even if we in the Colonies have no room to talk.

Our SOCIALIST thieves steal untold Billions $$$ in complete secrecy until the announcements break that "The Fox is on the Town and the Great CA$H is Gone" awaken us to another layer of SOCIALIST damned lies, opinion and commentary palmed off as 'news' ...

Even so, every Elected and Appointed Official that does not play by ALL the established moral rules must be removed ... Pelosi, are you listening?

The Akurians.

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