NEC Letter Signatures

Further to yesterday's blog piece, below are some of the signatures on the letter concerned (inc me I might add)
Please note that all signatories are supportive in a personal capacity only

Cllr. Richard Bingley
(Former Labour Party Press Officer)
Fred Grindrod
(National Policy Forum and Former Parliamentary Candidate)
Beryl Milnes
(Former Chair of Hemel Hempstead CLP)
Tom Flynn
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate)
Cllr. Allan Davies
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate)
Ffinlo Costain
(Former Parliamentary Candidate)
Cllr. Sarah Bogle
(Councillor, Southampton City Council & Former Parliamentary Candidate)
Funda Pepperell
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate)
Malcolm Clark
(Branch Secretary, Streatham CLP)
Cllr. Brian Norgate
(Councillor, Eastleigh Borough Council)
Andy Wilson
(Former President, Southampton University Labour Students)
Gavin Shuker
(Executive Member, Luton South CLP)
Michele Savage
(National Policy Forum and Vice Chair of East of England Regional Board )
Cllr. Shiria Khatun
(Former Labour Press Adviser and Tower Hamlets Councillor)
Peter Cooper
(Southampton Labour Party Activist)
Renu Marley
(Executive Committee – Birmingham Ladywood CLP)
Cllr Warwick Payne
(Councillor, Southampton City Council)
Omar Ismail
(East of England Regional Board)
John Noon
(Vice Chair, Southampton Itchen CLP)
Cllr Richard Rackham
(Councillor, Basildon District Council and former CLP chair)
Jane Edbrooke
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate)
Helal Uddin Abbas
(Former leader of Tower Hamlets Council)
Heather Corless
(Former councillor and campaign co-ordinator, Southampton Labour Party)
Cllr Richard Williams
(Leader of Labour Group, Southampton City Council)
Stuart Webb
(Former Secretary and Treasurer, Southampton Labour Party)
Cllr Simon Letts
(Councillor, Southampton City Council)
Cllr Mike Le-Surf
(Parliamentary Candidate and Councillor, Brentwood Borough Council)
Conor McGinn
(Vice Chair, Labour Party Irish Society & Labour Action Team Leader, Mildmay ward, Islington)
Jonathan Slater
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Aldershot)
Jonathan Cox
(Battersea Labour Party Activist)
Zeev Portner
(Parliamentary Staff)
Cllr Cathie McEwing
(Labour Councillor, Southampton City Council)
Yue Ting Cheng
(Hertsmere Labour Party Activist)
David Semple
(Campaign Co-ordinator, Canterbury Labour Party)
Andrew Skudder
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Horsham)
Cllr Jagtar Singh Dhindsa
(Leader of Labour Group, Watford Borough Council)
Cllr Graeme Hoskin
(Councillor, Reading Borough Council)
John Ogden
(Treasurer, Havant CLP)
Paul Burgin
(Press Officer, North East Herts CLP and Mars Hill blogger)
Cllr Dave Harris
(Councillor, Colchester Borough Council)
Jenny Rathbone
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Cardiff Central)
Chuka Umunna
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham)
Alex Hilton
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Chelsea and Fulham and Editor of
Graham Fox
(Former Rochford District and Essex County Councillor and Rochford District Council Group Leader)
Andy Hull
(Islington North Labour Party Activist and Campaign Coordinator for Highbury West)
Lucy Openshaw
(Branch membership officer, Islington North CLP)
Richard Scorer
(Labour Parliamentary candidate for Hazel Grove)
Cllr. Di Hoeksma
(Chair, Hertsmere CLP)
Andy Holdup
(Campaign Co-ordinator, Southampton Labour Party)
Cllr. Duncan Ross
(Councillor, Bedfordshire County Council)
Cllr. Mark Bennett
(Councillor, LB of Lambeth and Former Labour Party Press Officer)
Mike Ion
(Wrekin Labour Party Activist and Former Parliamentary Candidate)
Nick Cattermole
(Treasurer, Streatham CLP)
Cllr. Paul Convery
(Councillor, LB of Islington)
Stephanie David
(former Secretary, Bexleyheath & Crayford CLP)
Jamie Hodge
(Leyton and Wanstead Labour Party Activist)
Cllr. Kim Naish
(Councillor, Colchester Borough Council)
Geoff Howes
(Treasurer, Northampton South CLP)
Cllr John Cowan
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for South East Cambridgeshire and member East of England Regional Board)
Cllr Sean Parker-Perry
(Councillor, Tameside MBC)
Rachel Eden
(Former Chair, Oxford West and Abingdon CLP)
Mary McGarry
(Treasurer, Plasnewydd Ward Labour Party, Cardiff)
Amanda Shilton Godwin
(Manchester Withington Labour Party Activist)
Alasdair Russell
(Labour Candidate for Warwickshire County Council)
Will Martindale
(Battersea Labour Party Activist and Former Chair of London Young Labour)

Kathryn White
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Aylesbury)

Ian Woodland
(Southampton Itchen Labour Party Activist)

Simon Woolfenden
(Former Chair, Winchester CLP and current Chair, Unison Winchester City Branch)

Cllr. Paul Cotterill
(Leader of the Labour Group, West Lancashire District Council)

Peter Walker
(Vice Chair, Wimbledon CLP and former NPF member for London)

Gus Baker
(Chair of Bristol University Labour Club)

Cllr. John Kazantzis
(Councillor, LB of Lambeth)

Sally Bowdery
(Executive Committee Member, Streatham CLP)

Cllr. Mike Moore
(Councillor, Dacorum Borough Council and Treasurer, Hemel Hempstead CLP)

Peter Lamb
(Candidate for East Grinstead South and Ashurst Wood Ward, Horsham CLP)

Cllr. Winston Strachan
(Councillor, Northamptonshire County Council)

Cllr. Carl Morris
(Chair of Labour Group, Thurrock Council)

Cllr. Susan Press
(Councillor, Hebden Royd Town Council and Vice-Chair, Labour Representation Committee)

Peter Waller
(Former Secretary, Suffolk Coastal CLP)

Cllr. Theo Blackwell
(Councillor, LB of Camden)

David Furnell
(Fundraising Officer, Southampton Labour Party)

Neil Goulbourne
(Secretary, Coventry South CLP)

Angela Connor
(Basingstoke Labour Party Activist)

Criss Connor
(Basingstoke Labour Party Activist)

Mike Katz
(Chair, Hampstead and Kilburn CLP)

Will Parbury
(Former parliamentary candidate)

Lucy Howson
(Former Labour Party Press Officer)

David Carter
(Chair, Linthorpe branch of Middlesbrough CLP)

Jackie Reilly
(Secretary, Castle Point CLP)

Roger Bowdery
(Former Chair, Streatham CLP)

James Hulme
(Lewisham West and Penge Labour Activist)

Rachel Reeves
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds West)

Tony Probert
(Secretary, Weston-super-Mare CLP)

Ted Plenty
(Executive Committee member Slough CLP)

Christine Quigley
(Campaigns Officer, London Young Labour)

Steve Harris
(Secretary, Leeds West CLP)

Cllr. Stephen Morgan
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Orpington and Councillor, LB of Lambeth)

Anand Shukla
(Former Parliamentary Candidate)

Tom Copley
(Chair, London Young Labour)

Cllr. Val Stevens
(Deputy Leader, Manchester City Council)

Maggie Curtis
(Women’s Officer, Castle Point CLP)

Cllr. Ian Corbett
(Councillor, LB of Newham)

Cllr Unmesh Desai
(Councillor, LB of Newham)

Paul Smith
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Bristol West)

Cllr. Zenia Squires Jamison
(Councillor, LB of Merton)

Cllr. Mark Nottingham
(Councillor, Thanet District Council)

Gareth Siddorn
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sevenoaks and member of SERA National Executive)

Cllr Leonie Cooper,
(Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, LB of Wandsworth)

Chrissie Mabbley
(Vice Chair Bristol University Labour Club)

Sarah Mulley
(Lambeth Labour Party Activist)

Stephen Burke
(Former Leader, Hammersmith & Fulham Council and Campaigns officer, Hammersmith CLP)

Cllr Alan Laing
(Councillor, LB of Hackney)

Kevin McKeever
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Harborough)

David L Gardner
(Chair, Charlton Branch Labour Party and Formerly, Labour Party Assistant General Secretary)

Gavin Hayes
(General Secretary, Compass)

Dr Hark Singh-Raud
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Cheadle)

Cllr. Julie-Ann Bukey
(Councillor, Thurrock Council)

Margaret Vanner
(Maldon Labour Party Activist and Labour Candidate for Essex County Council)

Cliff Vanner
(Maldon Labour Party Activist)

Jo Grindrod
(Women’s Officer, Watford CLP)
Cllr. Ian Gilbert
(Councillor, Southend-on-Sea Borough Council)

Tony Wright
(Former Chair, Castle Point Labour Party)

Andrew Pakes
(Labour & Co-operative Parliamentary Candidate for Milton Keynes North)

Cllr. Dave Wilcox
(Derbyshire County Councillor and Chair Local Government Information Unit (LGIU))

Cllr. John Edwards
(Councillor, Sandwell MBC)

Cllr. Jonathan Simpson
(Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, LB of Camden)

Cathy Harvey
(Vice-chair, Streatham CLP)

Cllr. Paul McGlone
(Councillor, LB of Lambeth)

Trevor Allen
(Executive Committee Member, Slough CLP)

Cllr. Richard Greening
(Councillor, LB of Islington)

Carl Rowlands,
(Central Europe Branch, Labour International)

Cllr. Jonathan Bishop
(Councillor, Pontypridd Town Council)

Sachin Shah
(Harrow West CLP Treasurer and Fundraising Officer, London Young Labour)

Emma Collins
(Basildon Labour Party Activist)

Pete Murphy
(Trade Union Link Officer, Eltham CLP)

Owen Richards
(Former Chair, Crawley CLP)

Sarah Hayward
(Holborn & St Pancras Labour Party Activist, former Labour Party Press Officer)

Cllr. Matt Cooke
(Councillor, LB of Haringey)

Cllr. Chris Best
(Councillor, LB of Lewisham)

Pete Shilton Godwin
(Chair of Chorlton Park Labour Party, South Manchester)

Shalu Kanal
(Battersea Labour Party Activist)

David Brede
(Secretary, Northampton South CLP)

Chris Lowe
(Former Chair, Streatham CLP)

Richard Penston
(Maidenhead Labour Party Activist)

Bob Vant
(Holme Valley Labour Party Activist)

Gary Watts
(Former Labour Group Leader on Basingstoke Council)

Rick Muir
(Former Labour Councillor, Oxford)

John MacKay
(Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross)

Cllr. Bob Fisher
(Chair of the Labour Group, Colchester Borough Council)

James E Siddelley
(Treasurer, Hazel Grove CLP and member of the North West Labour Party Regional Board)

Andrew McCracken
(Northern Ireland Labour Party Activist)

LabourList are updating with news of the addition of further signatures


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