Labour Fighting Against Meltdown

Goodness, you know how fast things are going in our 24 hr culture when bloggers struggle to keep up with the tidal wave of political news that has taken place within the last 48 hrs, with several ministerial and two cabinet resignations, a letter allegedly being circulated among backbench Labour MP's calling for Brown to go and several people saying it's not if it's when.
If Gordon Brown has no realistic alternative but to quit as Prime Minister then he has no one to blame but himself. Its not enough righfully pointing out as he did at PMQ's that the issues involved at the moment affect all political parties. Several times he has failed to get a grip on events, he has shown spectacular lack of judgement in who he picks as his advisers, he failed to sack Hazel Blears when he directly criticised her, which led him wide open to accusations of poisonous briefing. If Brown hasn't made enemies, then some of his allies certainly have. It goes without saying for example that the names of Ed Balls and Tom Watson are mud within some sections of the Parliamentary Labour Party, if not outside Westminster! Brown will have to work incredibly hard to persuade people that he has a grip on what is going on (which he has failed to effectively do) and not wasting time having acolytes being involved in machiavellian skulduggery against opponents perceived or otherwise.
But tomorrow is another day. We have to work hard to persuade people to go out and vote, let alone go out and vote Labour. I only hope people realise that Labour are more consistent on Europe than the other main parties, that they notice the good and hard work many Labour Councils do up and down the country(esp with regards to promoting public services) and that many will go out and vote so as to prevent the BNP from getting a single Euro seat or a council seat for that matter. If you want to help prevent that, then you'll be doing no bad thing by looking at the 38degrees website which gives practical advice in how to help encourage others to vote and to prevent the BNP from getting any kind of foothold. Lets concentrate on that tomorrow and on Friday and over the weekend we can work out how Labour's future can be best dealt with!

UPDATE: Christine Quigley has done an excellent piece on the need to vote on LabourList


Neil Harding said…
Paul, how many times did I tell you that Brown was a dud leader and how many times did you defend him?

I hate to say I...well you know the rest.

Finally, finally, I hope this is the end for Brown, for the future of the Labour party. If Brown carries on we could be out of power for a generation or possibly for ever.

Brown could have won an election in 2007, but he dithered and finally caved in to the 40 or so MPs who were screaming about their last 2.5 years salary.

This is what you get when you destroy democracy in the party and end up with spineless, head-nodding, money grabbing donkeys as MPs.

I hate to I go again. But a leadership election, Alan Johnson, Jon Cruddas or John Denham as leader and a referendum on PR, now on which blog could we have read all about these things 2 or 3 years ago? Ahem!
Alan Smart said…
The best thing labour loyalists could do tomorrow is go out and vote lib dem! As effective at keeping the BNP out, more effective, gien the PR threasholds

Cause every vote for labour willbe spun by Bronwn crowd as a vote for Brown. Of couse the local elctions and euros are important, but a comprative irrelevsnce.

An where woud you rathr be?: At 20%in the polls on the eve of the euros or the same place on the eve of a General? Cause that is where you'll be if you stick with brown

Vote Lib Dem - save Labour!

And once hes gone the only question will be, "what too us so long?"
Simon Campbell said…
Sticking with Brown at the moment will lead to 1997-style defeat for Labour and keep us out for at least a couple of terms. The top people in charge of Labour know that the game is up at the next election and are trying a bit of damage limitation.

However I do question Blears timing. Why now? The only thing I can come up with (and feel free to add your own theory, Paul) is that she was going to get the axe on Monday. So she jumped before she was pushed. She could have done this on Friday mind.
Paul Burgin said…
I think Hazel Blears should have left it till Friday morning to be honest but there you go. Hell hath no fury like a chipmunk scorned as one fellow activist said to me this morning. As for jumping before being pushed thats more than likely, I just wish she channelled her anger a bit more.
And as for Brown, the next few days are crucial, I have a gut instinct about what needs to be done but I prefer to make my own judgement with hard evidence

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