Those Tory Expenses

Whilst all credit to them for repaying the expenses (a staggering £250.000 which is far more than what many UK Citizens earn in a year), it is not consistent and one is somewhat surprised that Cameron has not sacked Eleanor Laing for an offense which would have been sackable outside Westminster. Its also interesting that Andrew Mackay has not paid back a penny and one wonders what Cameron will do about that?
Something that they should perhaps have thought about instead of making nasty attacks on the new Speaker with blood curdling threats about getting rid of him once they get elected. If they get elected! It seems that they certainly have the delusions of grandeur


Man in a Shed said…
Surely the credit is to us, as the money is being returned ? ;-)

The problem with Bercow is that most honourable people wouldn't stand for the post of speaker with support from one side of the house only.

I have a feeling Andrew Mackay is going to fight his case with the commons authorities. I guess he now has little to lose and both wage earners in his house will be unemployed around the same time as many Labour MPs.

Interestingly there is speculation that there is about to be a clear out of Conservative MPs and that Parliament may have a very large number of first time MPs once Brown gets around to calling his first ever election - or more likely the Queen has to call it for him.

The conceit is of course all on Brown's side as he clings to office for a few more months so that his betrayal of Labour's manifesto promise and of the nation over the European constitution is hard to reverse. At the same time he is condemning future generations as debt slaves who will have to spend their money paying back Middle East oil barons and the Chinese for the privileged of a few more days of his ego being massaged at No 10 by Peter Mandelson.
Anonymous said…
So what about Labour MPs - are they exempt from all this?!