Cameron's Draper Moment

This story from The Guardian looks like it has legs and, like the McBride saga, was perhaps an unexploded bomb ticking away for months. It will be interesting to see how Cameron can get out of this one and look decent, sincere, and honest.
Plus what are the chances of Conservative bloggers covering this this evening! They have sometimes accused Labour bloggers of a "Move along now..." attitude, its amazing how silent they are the moment a story against the Conservatives breaks out!


Tory Outcast said…
Not quite on the same scale as the Draper affair (although potentially more illegal if true). Distant enough from Cameron for him to not be seriously damaged if it does blow up.

May blog this one in the morning if there are any developments but details are a bit sketchy and unconfirmed atm.
Paul Burgin said…
Well it is damaging for Cameron if the worst is true, because it would question Cameron's judgement

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