Carry On Twittering

This piece by BBC Journalist Laura Kuenssberg is well worth a read.
Guesting on Nick Robinson's blog, she points out the growing value of political twittering and how important it is for Labour to remind voters that we are the Party that not only created the NHS, but also that we highly esteem and value it, even though we may get things wrong sometimes. Not only that, but also there is the fact that Labour are very united as a political party in being committed to the NHS, the events of the past week have shown deep Tory divisions.
But it does it not hit home how valuable Twittering has become among political activists! The twitter culture does seem to have overcome blogging, with Labour having the edge with prominent twitterers like BevaniteEllie.
Ironic also, when for a while Labour have faced Conservative assertions that they (The Tories), are ahead in the blogging game and are more popular. It seems for the moment as if they have woken up to find the battle has been taken elsewhere with Labour having the edge :-)


Anonymous said…
The problem with all this twittering (wittering?) etc etc,is that in the REAL world the Tories are cleaning up amongst the older generation of voters,the ones who actually come out to vote and who in the main don't use a computer, never mind twitter!
In many marginal seats the Tories are busy running tea dances, band concerts, flower shows etc etc for the old folks. Cameron and co are wheeled out like Mr Darcy or extras from Midsummer Murders. The whole thing is organised with precision to make the older generation feel like Royalty.
Rather that wittering away in cyberspace our MPs and candidates need to get real and realise that whilst they prattle on the Tories are cleaning up.

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