An Open Note of Blogging Farewell to Kerron

Dear Kerron

It's with a touch of sadness, but also pleasure that I write this as I say thankyou for running such a fab blog over the past four years.

We started blogging around the same time, and whilst I haven't agreed with everything you have said (how boring it would be otherwise!), I have always found your blog to be warm, funny, witty, perceptive, brave, and with a sense of relevant detachment mingled with true loyalty towards a Party which we both love deeply in spite of it's occasional causes of irritation.

As you know, a few weeks ago we texted each other about your forthcoming moves to pastures new and whilst I knew that your forthcoming role will be useful and practical, I also knew that this meant that it was curtains for The Voice of the Delectable Left. That said, whilst I am sorry that has to happen, I also know that your new role will be far more useful in some respects, and indeed helpful to many people.

Thanks also for your wisdom and friendship as a true Comrade over the past six years. I hope that will continue, but as your new role means a degree of political detachment I feel that now is the time to say that you have been one of my best friends within the Labour Movement and it was to you that I sometimes looked to for guidance on various issues, even to the point where you were sometimes unaware of it :-)

All the best



Tears of two clowns said…
World's worst blogger receives consolatory note from world's second worst blogger. Love it.
Anonymous said…

But where am I going to be able to read a-not-particularly-good commentary about UK politics?

This is worse than the demise of Punch magazine.

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