Who is Timothy Dalton playing in the Doctor Who Christmas Special?

Whilst many fans are rightfully cheering Timothy Dalton's forthcoming appearance in the Doctor Who Christmas Special (I mean, bagging a former 007 is quite a coup), there is some uncertainty as to who he will be playing.
Obviously there are reasons why the BBC aren't saying and it is fun to speculate, but my guess is that it is a character fans have come across before and that his return will mean the Doctor has a major problem on his hands.


Steven McBrien said…
I would love Dalton to be playing the Black Guardian. The Monk or the Valeyard would be pretty cool too, but I think The End of Time is going to be uber-apocalyptic, battle-for-the-universe stuff, and that cries out for a character like the Guardian to get involved. Heck, even if he's playing the Toymaker, I don't care, and I frankly can't wait.

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