The Decline and Fall of Jedward

I have to say that for the first time I have been watching the X Factor lately and, whilst am rooting for some talented people out there such as Stacey Solomon and Jamie Archer, I am shocked and appalled that John and Edward have yet to be voted out. It may be cruel of me, but they strike me as a pair of self regarding and preening stars who have little talent and prefer image to substance.
So it is that I am heartened that the Prime Minister agrees with my point of view, but even more so, I was heartened that only two people in the audience that the PM spoke to wanted John and Edward to win X Factor. I sometimes despair at being in a minority over who I believe acts should and should not be at No 1 in the charts when you have situations like Mr Blobby being the 1993 Christmas No 1, so it's good to see the hype for what it is. Hopefully people who are voting this way so as to offend Simon Cowell, who actually is talking a lot of sense here.
Talking of hype, is anyone surprised to see who David Cameron is backing? ;-)


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