I Hardly Ever Agree With Donal Blaney. But Where Jedward Are Concerned......

I think anyone who knows my politics and general worldview, and indeed Donal Blaney's, will know that I not only strongly disagree with him on a range of political issues, but find his attitude accompanying said views somewhat objectionable too.
That said, I do think on his latest blog post he is spot on (although perhaps I'd be a bit less strident ;-) ). I think it was awful that Simon Cowell sacrificed Lucie Jones on the altar of high ratings, so that the terrible twins get another shot of fame that they don't deserve. Everyone knows they lack talent (why else did they not get a solo during last night's group song?), so why should they be allowed to continue. It's as I feared, X Factor seems to be not about encouraging musical talent, but about being primarily a ratings chasing cash cow that always puts tacky commercialism over artistic genius.
If only the British public realised that before voting for Jedward with their raw emotions and not clear heads :-(


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